Learning Community


For incoming freshmen in History and History Teacher Licensure, Political Science, and Global, International, and Area Studies

Explore issues of Global Justice and Human Rights in freshmen-friendly courses. Speak to Holocaust survivors, war refugees, and experts in the field. Live, work, and have fun together with twenty-four peers in Lynch Freshmen dorm. This learning community is ideal for those of you thinking of a future in international affairs, law, non-governmental organizations, politics, teaching, and public service.

One-year residential freshmen program. All courses receive credit for the major or core studies.

Learn Together

In the fall semester, study the Holocaust and how film influences war and conflicts. In the spring semester, examine children in conflict settings and study human rights and other international issues in Africa and beyond. Select additional courses of your own interest. Receive preferred seating in popular courses and dedicated academic advising/mentoring. Study together for tests and exams; learn how to do well in college.

Explore Together

Visit with a Holocaust eyewitness in one of the oldest synagogues in North Carolina. Speak with a Vietnam War refugee who almost drowned while trying to escape. Explore the workings of the United Nations. Listen to war veterans talk about what it means to be in conflict. Make a difference in human rights.

Live Together

Get guaranteed housing in CF Lynch Hall, UNC Charlotte’s premier freshmen dorm. Live with your learning community members in a cluster of suites, with a choice of either four single rooms with living room and bathroom or two double rooms with living room and bathroom. Being a learning community member is the only way to live in the best dorm on campus!

Have Fun Together

Cook out and have dinner with your professors. Conquer the ropes courses on campus together. Have a group of close friends with similar interests during your first year of college.

For more information:

Contact Dr. Oscar Lansen at oelansen@uncc.edu, 704‑687‑4633
Sign up here (select History/Politics/International Affairs).

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