Learning by Doing

Internship (POLS 3400)

Credit is available for an internship in a government or government-related agency, or for participation in political activity such as election campaigning. The student is responsible for finding a position and consulting with the internship director to verify that the position qualifies for academic credit. POLS credit may be received by registering for POLS 3400 with department approval. The University Career Center maintains a database of available internship positions, and the department periodically circulates postings to students via email.

Independent Study (POLS 3800)

An independent study in political science involves the supervised investigation of a political issue that is of special interest to the student and within the area of the supervising instructor’s expertise. To enroll in an independent study, a student must first obtain the agreement of a faculty member who specializes in the intended subject to set the requirements of the project, monitor the work and award a grade. Typically, independent study projects grow out of previous coursework with that instructor. A student can register for a one-, two-, or three-credit independent study, but can enroll for no more than three hours of independent study in a given semester.

North Carolina Student Legislature (POLS 4110)

UNC Charlotte’s delegation is one of many student delegations from participating colleges and universities in North Carolina. Through participation in a model General Assembly, NCSL provides students with a close-up, practical education and political and legislative processes. NCSL provides students a state-wide forum for expressing their ideas and opinions on current issues to state and national leaders. NCSL also provides networking opportunities to public officials and to other students who are interested in politics and public policy. Students may enroll in POLS 4110 in the Spring semester with special permission from the NCSL faculty advisor.

Model United Nations (POLS 4163)

The Model UN prepares students for participation in a simulated United Nations program (the National Model United Nations) in April of each year in New York City or some other simulation of international organization. Travel, hotel, and delegate fees are partially paid by the Student Government Association. Students selected for the course become delegates from a preselected nation and simulate the attitudes and arguments of the real nation’s delegation. Students may enroll in POLS 4163 in the Spring with special permission from the MUN faculty advisor.

Senior Thesis (POLS 4990)

A senior thesis in political science involves writing an article-length research paper about a topic of interest to the student under the supervision of a faculty member with expertise in the area. To enroll in a senior thesis, a student must find a faculty member in the department who is willing to supervise the project. Senior theses often grow out of previous coursework with that instructor. Because POLS 4990 fulfills both writing intensive (W) and oral communication (O) requirements, the student must give an oral presentation about the research findings.